ARG – Attorney Referral Group is a unique entity; comprised of several targeted attorney referral and legal marketing services. ARG is a customer-centered company. We provide unparalleled levels of service as a means of protecting and building our business.

Our job is to connect businesses with attorneys and attorneys with attorneys. Rest assured that we do the best screening in the industry both when it comes to selecting attorney members and when recommending law offices to perspective clients. As a client you can be confident that ARG attorneys are the best at what they do. As a member attorney you will not be inundated with worthless leads or folks looking for pro-bono representation. Whether it is a bank looking to forward a collection matter or a company needing a complex litigation specialist, the work is solid. To be frank, we weed out the garbage before it has a chance to reach you.

We have worked diligently to build a very strong social and business networking presence. We truly see this as the future for our industry. We have over 3,000 LinkedIn Connections, and we are gaining more each day. You can via our profile at We also maintain a Facebook presence at

As the former Vice-President of ANCH – Attorneys’ National Clearing House Co. and CHQ – Clearing House Quarterly Law List, Jonathan Birk brings over 20 years of experience in the legal marketing industry; an industry that his family has been involved with for four generations; beginning in 1895. Working side-by-side with his grandfather and father, Jonathan learned the importance of integrity, excellence, and experience. These three qualities constitute the “Core Values” of ARG.

Now, as President & CEO of ARG, Jonathan and his staff continue to offer four distinct legal marketing products; and have several new projects in the pipeline. Click here to learn more about our current services and future plans.

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